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Therapy room
The Therapy Room

My Story/ Why Choose Me?

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website. The reasons people come to see me are limitless and not confined to those listed so please do get in touch whatever your problem is. A lot of referrals are from friends of friends, people who know me already and are curious about hypnotherapy and how it works. Hypnosis and trance can be used as a powerful agent for change, and I have helped many people to find the peace and freedom they crave.

I believe in total equality and therefore regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, religious views or anything else, I provide the tools and a safe judgement free space for my clients to overcome their anxiety, challenges and issues, so they can move forwards with confidence and embrace life. If you are here, you must be seeking help with something you want to change in your life, or you have experienced hypnosis before and want help again. You may be wondering is hypnosis right for you, or am I the right Hypnotherapist? Whatever your reason, it is a personal choice that requires careful consideration. To help you with your decision I give some background information below. I hope you will be drawn to seek my help, for further information or to book your FREE first consultation, please call or message me.

My story/ About me

Who am I and how did I become a Therapist? I am a Norfolk girl, born and bred, although I have travelled the world in my spare time. My long term career was as a Secretary and PA. I loved my work, supporting managers and Directors to keep the wheels of industry turning. I took many courses to ensure I was great at my job. Particularly relevant is that I learnt to communicate well, using my innate humour to diffuse difficult or volatile situations, and remaining positive in the face of pressing deadlines.


I pride myself on getting the best out of any situation and always attempt to find rapport with everyone, even the most difficult people, in order to ensure open, honest communication across the board. I have experienced personal set-backs and heart wrenching events during my life. Family bereavements; marriage at age 19, subsequent abuse and divorce; remarriage; miscarriage; giving birth to my daughter at the age of 48; these are some of the lifetime experiences that enable me to be understanding, sympathetic and compassionate in my practice.


I studied to become a Reiki practitioner 20 years ago, using this unique therapy to help myself, family, friends and clients attain peace and balance in day to day life. I am experienced in mindfulness and meditation. At low points in my life I have sought help from different counsellors and hypnotherapists, particularly for relationship difficulties. My lifetime curiosity about hypnotherapy together with my passion for helping and supporting people through difficult times eventually led me to study for a diploma with the UK Hypnosis Academy to become a fully accredited practitioner.

A good therapist must use their experience and knowledge for the good of a client and build a positive, therapeutic relationship. One of the most important things is to like your therapist. So whilst the therapist must be appropriately qualified, they also need to be someone you can relate to. I am compassionate, empathic, friendly and worldly-wise. I have a range of tools to help you overcome anxieties, challenges and issues at your pace and in a way that suits you as an individual. I am committed to helping you get back on
track to feeling like you again and offer a fully rounded, swift and empowering experience for my clients. Do you want that?

I have a safe, private judgement free space in my “oasis of calm” garden therapy room where all sessions take place. During restrictions of travel, I also offer zoom sessions, or FaceTime on Messenger or Whatsapp.

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